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September 20, 2013

Probably due to its very nature, internal communications was a relatively slow burner as far as Twitter was concerned.

It took a while but that’s certainly not the case now.

Led primarily by the hashtag #internalcomms, IC professionals worldwide are connecting like never before via the social networking giant.

The priceless ability to immediately share ideas, spread knowledge, highlight best practice as well as stimulate debate and solve challenges with peers is becoming an essential tool across the IC industry.

After the cautious start, more internal communications professionals – of all ages and experience – are joining the Twitterati every day.

Headlines is part of the Twitter mix with members of our teams engaging in the daily IC-related discussions and debates.

Our agency’s central account can be found @HeadlinesComms – highlighting our expertise and achievements within the UK internal communications industry.

Martin Smith is Headlines’ Head of Content. An experienced digital communications expert, Martin is responsible for Headlines’ news channel – promoting the important issues and events around IC and employee engagement. His Twitter account can be found at @icanorak

Carmen Lothian is Headlines’ New Business Manager with a huge passion for social media – especially Twitter. Follow her account at @CarmenICLothian