Survey: images ‘help employees engage with complex communications’

Images ‘help employees engage with complex communications’

October 17, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words, the well-known saying goes.

As we know, striking imagery can make a huge difference in effective messaging.

But latest research suggests visual impact is greater than that when it comes to employee communications.

Nine out of 10 employees believe images help to clearly convey what an idea is all about, according to a survey by employee communication tool DeskAlerts.

The survey, which was part of research being carried out to consider how screensavers can be more effective in the remit of corporate communications, suggested messaging with too much text content were seen as a turn-off.

Anton Vdovin, project manager at DeskAlerts, said clear and bold images help the human brain understand complex messaging.

He said: “Scientific studies have shown that 30 per cent of people learn best through visual thinking, 45 per cent use a combination of words and images and 25 per cent think in words only.

“Using this knowledge, we were able to test the effectiveness of corporate screensavers by carrying out our own survey.

“We found that in many cases, there was a clear information overload with too much conveyed to the recipient in one go, leading to none of the important points actually sinking in.”

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