Email: an effective communications channel?

Is email an effective communications tool?

October 22, 2013

Email – can you even remember life in the office before it arrived?

Just like water cooler gossip and arguments over air conditioning, email is a fundamental part of the 2013 office set up.

Some 90 billion business emails are sent every day worldwide – often used as a primary communication tool by businesses.

Using email as a communication channel is certainly a well-used technique.

But is it effective?

Tony Zingale, CEO of the enterprise social network Jive, believes companies are ‘failing miserably’ to provide alternative ways for employees to communicate.

He said: “Email was never designed as a social collaboration networking tool, it was never designed to support the needs of the workforce in a distributed faction except that it is the workhorse in the enterprise today.

“The point of the matter is that all of these companies are trying to provide a new communications platform and are failing miserably.”

Enterprise email management company Mimecast suggests workers spend a staggering four HOURS a day using email.

But work collaboration author Jacob believes this over-reliance is making employees’ working lives miserable.

He wrote for Forbes website: “It’s like a virus spreading beyond containable proportions. It has become an out of control situation.

“We use email for everything related to communication and collaboration at work even though it’s no longer the most effective way to do either.

“Its widespread reach is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness.”