Caesars reaping benefits of employee engagement plans, says CEO

Caesars reaping benefits of employee engagement plans, says CEO

November 19, 2013

Employee engagement is a central pillar to online casino Caesars’ future business plan, according to the firm’s CEO.

The firm has a no-nonsense sustainability strategy – enhance engagement across the business to meet ambitious targets through to 2025.

The initiative, named CodeGreen, has been running for three years and has led to “significant efficiency improvements” across the company. It has also become intrinsically linked with employee engagement and community involvement.

Its success is measured by a scorecard that considers organisational, environmental and stakeholder engagement performance.

Gary Loveman, CEO for Caesars Entertainment – which also controls the World Series of Poker, said the scorecard “empowers employees to drive sustainability initiatives in our 52 locations around the globe”.

In a blog, he wrote: “This is what I like to call a virtuous cycle: the synergy between people’s individual actions and company-driven improvements.

“With a dose of friendly competitive spirit, our scorecard also has prompted individual property managers to bolster their green initiatives at their sites and become top performers on the annual CodeGreen Scorecard.”

It is refreshing to see: big business realising the benefits of getting employee engagement right. Indeed, if engagement is a ‘sustainability super-strategy’ then why don’t we hear more about it?

Mr Loveman is in no doubt over its worth though.

In the past decade, Caesars has invested $70 million in energy-efficiency programmes and seen the following results:

* $24 million saved in resources
* 298 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions averted
* 208 million kilowatt-hours in energy saved each year.

But the biggest gain has come from seeing workers buy into the initiative, according to Mr Loveman.

He added: “Our most innovative achievements come from Caesars employees who are finding new ways to reduce costs, help the environment and connect with local communities.

“It is also my belief that business thrives when a community that hosts such business also thrives.

“With our CodeGreen Scorecard and platform firmly in place, Caesar’s Entertainment aims to continue to add value to our communities and the environment, and to see our business thrive.”

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