Revealed: New Year’s resolutions for employee engagement

New Year's resolutions for employee engagement

January 3, 2014

Ah 2014, welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

With the festive season sadly already a distant memory, we’re taking a look at the year ahead.

Employee engagement think-tank Engage for Success asked leading industry figures to provide their work-related resolutions for 2014 – and we’ve decided to showcase some of our favourites.

Fiona Cohn, Managing Director at business consultancy Excel:arate:
To do more talks to more business groups demonstrating the business benefits of employee engagement and convincing them to take it seriously.
I’m going to grow my customer base more and work with clients on activities to build engagement and for the newer businesses that I work with, make sure they understand their values and
behaviours so that they create organisational cultures that allow engagement to happen.

Sadie Lofthouse, Head of Human Resources at Adnams plc:
Never give up. The hardest nuts to crack can taste the sweetest.

Nick Terry, Managing Director at live events company Top Banana:
I plan to exercise more by walking around and talking to people more, because I believe face-to-face communication is the best practice for an engaged and energised team.
I plan to diet: I want to cut down on words by about 70% – that’s my target weight at least. Emails are a necessary evil, but I’d sooner do things face to face and engage.
At the gym you’ll find the walls emblazoned with quotes such as ‘Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat’.
I want my mantra to be Listen, Speak, Engage, Repeat’ as it is only by repeating the mantra of your brand essence, vision and values and demonstrating those behaviours each day, does it become embedded.

Justine Stevenson, Head of Internal Communication at Deutsche Bank AG:
Even when times are very hard and cost pressures huge, when there is enormous scrutiny from external actors, that organisations remember that it is
the people that makes the organisation tick, and not only survive but thrive.
The temptation is to hunker down and limit the flow of information and the risk of negative news reaching the outside world but if we do that then we truly limit the potential of the people and the organisation.

To read the full list of New Year resolutions, visit the Engage for Success website here….