Headlines raises game for internal comms globally

January 15, 2014

Internal comms agency Headlines has strengthened its management team as it shapes up for strong growth in 2014 – through a focus on market-leading service and expertise.

Founder Peter Doherty has become Chief Executive of the Milton Keynes organisation.

Neil Fowler, former editor of the UK’s largest circulation consumer magazine Which?, has been appointed Headlines’ Managing Director.

Doherty launched Headlines in 1995 to support companies in delivering employee communications, leading the agency to become a global leader in internal communication.

It has a permanent staff of nearly 40 people and reaches an audience of eight million worldwide, on behalf of 40 major clients.

Fowler joined the company as Publishing Director two years ago following a distinguished career in journalism that included editing four leading UK daily newspapers and a successful period as chief executive of the Toronto Sun in Canada.

The new management structure will enhance service to existing clients, while also enabling the agency to focus on building its reputation as a thought-leader within the internal communications and employee engagement sector.

Doherty explained: “My focus will be on building and developing our ideas and expertise for the benefit of our clients and IC generally.

Headlines logo animation from H3 Productions on Vimeo.

“Neil will dedicate his energy and experience to consistently producing excellent work on behalf of our customers and their staff.

“Much of our work is about delivering media, where creative thinking and IC expertise need to be underpinned by enormous professional discipline and dexterity to ensure print publications, video and digital channels and social media activities are consistently on time, within budget and of an exceptional standard.

“Neil is drawing on years of experience as an accomplished media manager, editor and journalist to make sure our team has the resources, organisation and skills that are needed to provide our clients with the best service available anywhere in IC.”

Meanwhile, Doherty will harness his team’s experience to develop Headlines’ role as a source of knowledge and expertise within the internal communication sector.

He said: “Headlines has always challenged established thinking and played an important role in furthering IC through sharing knowledge and experience. After all, communication is as the core of everything we do.

“The need for relevant, structured and targeted communication is now a given in many quarters but there is still much work to do.”

Headlines has long played an important role in furthering the cause of IC.

A decade ago it launched the quarterly IC magazine, bringing IC practitioners together to share challenges and experiences.

Four years ago, it launched the popular IC Exchange networking events, bringing together like-minded professionals face-to-face.

Headlines is a founder member of David Macleod’s Engage for Success Guru Group, supporting the movement with high-profile collateral and creative thinking.

The agency has built strong networks in Europe and is currently developing relationships in India, where it will help bring IC expertise to emerging companies while also learning from their challenges and sharing knowledge with existing clients.

About Headlines:

• Headlines was founded in 1995 and is based in Milton Keynes.

• It has a core staff of approximately 40 people, including journalists, editors, creatives, IC practitioners and strategists, video producers and digital designers/developers.

• The company won an Award for Excellence as Agency of the Year and a Gold Award for Best Digital Publication in Institute of Internal Communications.

• Headlines works across all market sectors with particular experience in retail, automotive, energy, chemicals, leisure, food and drink.

• For more information, email peter.doherty@headlines.uk.com or neil.fowler@headlines.uk.com, or call Carmen Lothian on +44 (0)1908 393 303.