Government’s fresh IC approach ‘will add value to UK businesses and citizens’

UK government launches online internal comms toolkit

January 23, 2014

So, now we know. 2014 is the year that the UK government gets serious about internal comms.

The intention is clear.

Enhancing internal comms across the nation’s Civil Service will – as many could predict – help to “significantly” improve employee engagement.

Of course, the challenges are glaringly obvious. This is one of the largest employee groups in the country – involving some 420,000 people working across 350 organisations.

It’s certainly not a small project but, if delivered effectively, the value will be felt by people across the country.

More than 30 people have been working on the UK Government Internal Communications Excellence project for the last three months.

The initiative – which is designed to be one of the “building blocks creating a stronger, more professional communications service across government” – has six different strands to promote wide-scale engagement.

In a blog, Russell Grossman, Director of Communication, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, wrote: “There’s a lot to gain here if we get this right.

“When all the IC Excellence strands are complete, later in 2014, we should be much better equipped to create significantly raised levels of employee engagement across government.

“This should not only raise performance but also the extent to which people create enhanced value for UK business and citizens, and feel more valued in return for doing so.”

One of the first elements to emerge from the project saw the arrival of the beta version of The IC Space this week.

The online toolkit hosts top tips, basic tools, case studies and best practice examples to help Whitehall’s IC professionals do their work more effectively.

It boasts sections covering Strategy and internal communications; Audience segmentation and insight; Evaluation; Engagement; Change communications and Channels.

It highlights four reasons why IC is so essential:
• Help the business to deliver its objectives
• Help staff see the connection between their job and the organisation’s vision
• Understand employee engagement and what drives it
• Help managers communicate better with their teams.

Visit the beta site of The IC Space here…