Google+: blurring lines between external and internal social media?

Google+ blurring lines between external and internal social media?

February 6, 2014

There can be little doubt that Google+ has been a slower burner.

But, launched just over a couple of years ago, the search engine giant’s social influence is gradually becoming more widespread.

Indeed, its offering has now been shaped to cover both internal and external social media functions – as we discussed back in November.

Google+ says the platform has more than 540 million monthly active users. An impressive 1.5 billion images are uploaded to the site every week.

Matt Cooke, product marketing manager for Google+, told The Guardian: “Slowly but surely we are getting a feeling that there’s a real momentum, but it is still early days and there are plenty of opportunities to grow and add new features and make them easier to use.”

Having a flexible approach has enabled Google+ to bring the disciplines of internal social media and external social networking side-by-side.

New privacy measures were rolled out last autumn to allow entire communities to be established for private communication – similar to Yammer.

It is clearly a bid to encourage businesses to use the platform for internal comms – allowing users to have both internal and external social offerings under one heading. Clever.

This approach fits in nicely, with experts suggesting the site is a “social umbrella” allowing access to search, email, maps, YouTube and social in a single log-in.

And it has some unique selling points including:

* Hangouts: One of the standout features. This video link up allows face-to-face discussion with a small audience, which can be watched by everyone.

* Circles. These allow users to can arrange connections into specific groups – like interests or friends/colleagues. The enhanced security settings were introduced in November in a bid to enhance its internal comms offering – ensuring only a selected part of your network can see certain content.

* Auto Awesome. Upload a handful of pics taken in sequence and they’ll be turning into moving pictures. Natty.

Certainly, brands are becoming more aware of the power of Google+.

The recent case study of Cadbury’s success on the platform highlights the power of Google+ – connecting brands with audiences in fresh ways.

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