Simple tips for internal social media success

Simple tips for internal social media success

February 24, 2014

Making the most of social media. At Headlines, we’re seeing a recurring theme over the use of social in the workplace.

Organisations launched their internal social platform of choice with the principal concerns surrounding behaviour and inappropriate postings.

This, in the overwhelming majority of cases that we see, is simply not an issue. As social has become ingrained into our daily lives, people have become more aware to its pitfalls and have adjusted behaviours accordingly.

No, the primary challenge is almost always the same: how do we get people to engage with our social platform?

Patience, flexibility and a great deal of nurturing are obvious answers – but certainly time-consuming – to this particular conundrum.

But what about quick wins?

It was fascinating to read the thoughts of the Wall Street Journal media editor Liz Heron on building an substantial- not to mention fully engaged – audience in the social media landscape.

Obviously the WSJ – which has seen a 235 per cent increase on Twitter, and a 375 per cent increase on Facebook in just two years – is focused on external social communities.

However, the logical train of thought applied to developing its audience can easily be applied to enterprise best practice too.

Liz, who heads up a team of eight social media editors for the publication, revealed to Journalism.co.uk some juicy social media tips on help engage with audiences.

These included:

Liz’s tip: Use images:
We say: Don’t underestimate the power of the picture. Whereas text-only updates were fine a few years’ back, online expectations have grown.
Striking or familiar images have impact – and make users far more likely to respond. If your Yammer feed is text only, get visual.

Liz’s tip: Always experiment:
We say: Your audience will help dictate what works and what doesn’t. Not every posting has to be a news-article headline. A fast fact or simple question can be just as effective. Use your analytics to guide you.

Liz’s tip: Be social:
We say: Absolutely! People seem to forget the meaning of the word ‘social’ when it is presented under the ‘social media’ banner.
Responding to comments, requesting feedback, showing a human touch – think of your own social media habits and integrate these fundamentals into an approach to internal social.

To read Liz Heron’s complete set of tips for social media success, visit Journalism.co.uk here….