Holiday Inn Express to wage war on comms jargon

Holiday Inn Express to wage war on comms jargon

March 3, 2014

Holiday Inn Express has partnered with the Plain English Campaign to wage war on comms jargon.

The hotel chain’s Guide to Simple. Smart. Spot On. Speak has been created after the company commissioned some research into how people feel about unnecessary and complex language.

Results showed 88 per cent of Brits find jargon irritating and 57 per cent hear it at work, with 64 per cent of those spending up to two hours a day listening to colleagues talking in overly complicated sentences.

Since 1979, the Plain English Campaign has been on a mission to rid both external and internal communications of jargon and ‘gobbledygook’, making sure information is presented as clearly as possible.

It works with organisations to take the cliché out of everyday language, encouraging them to keep things simple and say what they mean.

Steve Jenner, Broadcaster and Spokesperson for the Plain English Campaign, said: “Removing jargon from an organisation’s internal communications is more important than many realise.

“Businesses cannot communicate effectively with customers if they aren’t adopting the same simple language practices with their colleagues.

“If staff are going to meetings where superiors are coming out with streams of jargon, they begin thinking that the only way to be highly regarded is to adopt the same overly complicated language.

“It becomes self-perpetuating which then has a knock on effect because if people are so used to using this kind of language internally, they will talk to customers in this way.”

He added: “Jargon creates a barrier between understanding. It annoys people, gets in the way – making things more expensive for businesses and should be avoided.”

Jargon-ridden phrases that you may have heard your colleagues using:
Blue-sky thinking = creative thinking
Tear down silos = removing boundaries/ open up
Shift a paradigm = make changes
Watercooler moment = colleague conversation
Low hanging fruit = problems that can be fixed quickly