Engaging with Generation Y’s future leaders

Engaging with Generation Y's future leaders

March 14, 2014

Apprenticeship schemes have long been a great way for young people to enter into promising careers – but how should employers engage with the leaders of tomorrow once they’re on board?

Effectively engaging with members of Generation Y and produced tailored-training is key to the success of every apprenticeship scheme.

Not only does it help motivate employees, it means a small investment could go a long way, according to Kate Russell, Managing Director of Russell HR Consulting, which provides HR solutions and practical employment law training across the UK.

She said: “Engaged employees enjoy the work, are interested in what’s going on and supportive of company aims.

“They’re likely to work harder and stay longer – ultimately, it can be the difference between a successful employee and an unsuccessful one, profit and loss.”

Kate added that engagement, alongside good practice and timely communication, is vital.

“You need to think about the workplace and the people to determine the best approach,” she said.

“For example, we’re office based and have three new people all learning.

“We work in a shared office, which means that knowledge and information is shared on a daily basis; it’s easy for them to ask questions.”

For many companies, apprenticeships could be a great way forward as it offers them the chance to embed company culture and values from the outset.

It also enables an insight into a potential employee before appointing them on a permanent basis at the end of the scheme.

However, to ensure apprenticeships work as well as they could, quality and regular engagement may be the difference.