Comms genius or farce? EE blames ‘gremlins’ for network going down – literally

EE blames 'gremlins' for network going down - literally

March 20, 2014

EE blamed gremlins for its mobile phone network going down last night (Wed)- even tweeting a picture of the much-loved 80s movie.

The phone giant was deluged by angry customers wanting to know why they couldn’t use their phones after a “significant signal outage”.

The firm, to its credit, was pro-active in communicating with frustrated users on Twitter, personally answering complaints.

However the decision to post an image of Gremlins in a light-hearted manner did raise a few eyebrows, particularly with unhappy customers.

EE tweets picture of Gremlins.
EE tweets picture of Gremlins.

Alongside the image of the iconic movie, a spokesman tweeted: “There seems to be some Gremlins in the system – we’re aware of a network outage at the moment & working hard to fix.”

So was this the right approach for the comms team to take?

Was it too light-hearted considering the impact the problems were having on customers?

Or was it a clever move to try and inject some much-needed humour into a difficult situation?

Certainly in terms of interaction, it was a runaway success. The gremlins angle has been picked up by most of the national media today, and the original tweet has been retweeted and favourited hundreds of times.

However the decision did bring criticism from customers last night – already seething that they were unable to use their mobile phones.

One customer tweeted: “Pictures of Gremlins don’t really help me. Getting fed up of 4G turning into an E, and signal issues #comebackTmobile.”

Another added: “Gremlins? What the f***?”

But another tweeted: “Best tweet ever? I think it might just be!”

This morning, EE has confirmed the outage has now been resolved.

The company tweeted: “Full network service has now been restored.

“The problem was fixed overnight. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers affected.”