Apps aiming to tackle the email condundrum

Apps aimed at solving the email puzzle

April 28, 2014

Email should really have been a four-letter word. The saying “You can never get enough of a good thing” simply isn’t true in this case. Too much email is becoming its downfall.

We consider the apps aiming to tackle our increasing over-reliance on using the ‘@’ button for comms.

A fresh approach is certainly needed. Email is becoming more and more of a millstone around workers’ necks.

Even the creator of Gmail Paul Buchheit admits people have become slaves to their inbox, but believes it is “not a technical problem”.

“It can’t be solved with a computer algorithm,” he told Geekwire. “It’s more of a social problem.”

Numerous apps are appearing on the business communication market – all aiming to reduce organisations’ dependence on email, increasing productivity as a result.

We look at some of the leading names looking at reducing inbox clutter:


Spearheaded by Flickr’s co-founder Stewart Butterfield, Slack is a one-stop shop with messages from platforms like Google Docs and Dropbox consolidated into a single platform.
The enterprise communication app, which recently won $42.75 million worth of funding, has seen weekly growth of 15 per cent in users since its February launch.
Butterfield told website bidnessetc.com: “Within 10 years, everyone will use a centralised system for internal communication because email does so poor of a job.”



Sick of Word files with more tracked changes than original text? Bored of the reams of notes to documents coming through Google Drive? Too many images coming through on email to comment on them all?
Promoted as a work-related chat app, Convo allows real-time discussions over developing documents.
With ever-increasing numbers of people working from home and across international borders, the share and chat functionality allows people to work on documents as if they’re sitting together in the office.



Billed as ‘WhatsApp for the workplace’, Cotap is an enterprise message service – providing simple and secure messaging between colleagues’ mobiles.
Created by ex-Yammer execs, the app is “obsessed with fixing communication at work” – providing real time, secure and easy-to-use mobile messaging.
It even integrates into your company directory so there’s no need to exchange phone numbers.
Co-founder Jim Patterson told TechRepublic: “Mobile messaging is much more real time than some of the technology that’s out there like email. The fact that you have that mobile device on you all the time – it allows you to be real time but also present.”