Why UK employees don’t like their senior management

Why UK employees don’t like their senior management

May 13, 2014

Attitudes towards senior management in the workplace are crumbling and more than half of UK employees hold a negative perception of high-ranking bosses, according to a recent survey.

The study was conducted by leading global market research firm ORC International. Its fifth annual Global Perspectives survey also shows that only four in ten employees feel their manager motivates them, with less than half claiming they don’t receive regular and constructive feedback.

It also highlighted that just 36 per cent of employees believe organisational change is managed well.

The survey is completed by 7,000 employees worldwide working across a variety of industries, with 21 per cent of those based in the UK.

Kate Pritchard, director of employee research at ORC International, says the results from UK employees are a huge warning sign but also provide insight into how employee engagement can be significantly improved.

She said: “The fall in attitudes towards senior leadership is extremely worrying.

“It should be a wake up call for businesses that need to ensure they are focused on doing best by their employees.

“Employees need to feel involved as their organisation moves forward.”

The results link back to David MacLeod’s Engage for Success report, where he listed the employee voice as a key enabler of engagement.

So how can senior leaders go about tackling this issue?

“By making sure their comms is stronger throughout the business,” added Kate.

“People want to play a bigger role at work. The command and control culture needs to disappear and the focus needs to be on involving and engaging everybody.

“Some of the lowest scores relate to upward communication – people don’t think they have enough opportunity to get their views heard.

“If you listen to your employees’ needs and take positive action, engagement levels will significantly increase.”

UK employees also said:
• One in three employees believe colleague relationships are in decline.
• One in five employees would not recommend their organisations’ products and services.
• Only 34 per cent believe opportunities are given based on merit.