Willen Hospice factfile

Willen Hospice factfile

May 16, 2014

For the past thirty years, Willen Hospice has been caring for people in their final days of life.

The Milton Keynes hospice helps “people from age 18 with life threatening conditions – mainly cancer, actively treating symptoms, providing pain relief and a wide range of physical and emotional care.”

Here’s some facts you should know about the essential services provided by the charitable organisation:

* The idea for a hospice was first floated in February 1974. Willen opened its doors to the first in-patient in 1981.

* The hospice currently has 15 in-beds.

* Much of its work, however, is carried out beyond the building in the community, meaning the organisation supports more than 400 patients each year.

* Only 23 per cent of its yearly funding comes from the NHS. The remainder – more than £3 million every year – comes from fundraising activities.

* More than 600 volunteers give up their time to help Willen’s cause. They’re always on the lookout for more!

* Misunderstandings over the role of a hospice is common. Most people think that being admitted to a hospice means you will not come out again. Half of Willen’s patients do go home again, to the care of the Community team, the GP and District Nursing staff.

* The hospice runs a 24-hour specialist palliative care advice line – providing crucial support for patients, carers and health professionals.

* There are now 11 Willen Hospice shops – one book shop, seven general stores and three furniture outlets.

* One of Willen’s biggest fundraisers is its lottery, which sells an impressive 8,000 tickets each week.

Headlines is working alongside the organisation after colleagues voted for the hospice to be our Charity of the Year 2014.