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Enterprise set for move into mainstream, predicts Jive chief

June 12, 2014

For years, social media were the buzzwords for the communications industry.

It is a sign of its deep-rooted integration that, certainly in recent times, it is more commonly now known merely as ‘social’.

But digital experts predict even the shortened version will become redundant too – replaced by a more familiar one. ‘Work’.

Whatever the terminology, it is abundantly clear that social is re-writing the requirements for business communication and collaboration.

Jason Khoury, Jive’s senior director of corporate communications, predicts enterprise networks’ move into the mainstream will result in even further shifts in business’s approach to social.

But he also suggests that it’s not just about social; it’s a shift to enterprise collaboration – a more connected and collaborative workstyle that helps people get work done better, together.

He said: “Social for social sake is dead. Today, enterprise collaboration solutions provide a better way to drive improved communication, collaboration, and connections and ultimately top line revenue growth.”

Founded back in 2001, the Californian-based enterprise collaboration solution provider is one of the leading lights in the enterprise sector.

But what does it offer for internal comms professionals looking to engage their audience online?

Jason said: “Internal communications professionals can greatly benefit from introducing a solution such as Jive to their organisation.

“Because of its design and viral nature, Jive breaks down silos between departments, levels and geographic locations, and it encourages participation and communication across the company.”

Jive prides itself on allowing colleagues to quickly access the latest company news, discover up-to-date resources
and connect with colleagues – in seconds, from a desk or on the go.

According to Jason, early adopters of an enterprise collaboration approach have reaped the rewards, particularly when it comes to the bottom line.

He added: “Enterprise collaboration platforms are transformative for business and business cultures – truly changing the way work gets done.

“These platforms reduce the bureaucracy while turbo charging communications, collaboration, transparency and engagement at all levels – which is ultimately delivering real business value to organisations.

“In fact, according to research by a top three global consulting firm, businesses strategically applying enterprise collaboration platforms see up to four per cent impact to their bottom line – equating to multiple millions of dollars.

“Early adopters of enterprise collaboration have already realised this benefit and today, to quote Geoffrey Moore: ‘We are now crossing the chasm and are going mainstream’.”

Jive: in a nutshell
Jive is a leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. Jive enables employees, partners and customers to work better together.
Jive unleashes the insights, ideas and impact of millions of people for the world’s best organisations.

Meeting the expectations of today’s workforce
“People are demanding a way to work better with more social and productive tools.

“They expect to communicate and collaborate in their business lives as they do in their personal lives. To put it simply, people want a workstyle that fits their lifestyle.

“Yet a lot of the applications people use every day are based on antiquated business tools, designed for everything but people.

“This is not how creative interactive workers want to spend their time. It’s not the way to get valued employees invested in company goals or build loyalty.”

Integration with intranet/email
Jive is a central communication hub.
Users can pull in almost any business application to use while working in Jive – including Box, SalesForce.com, SharePoint, Google Drive, ZenDesk, SugarCRM, Marketo, Eloqua, Office, Gmail, and Chatter.