Tullow Oil taking a different ‘App’roach

Tullow Oil launches internal digital mag app

June 24, 2014

FTSE 100 exploration company Tullow Oil has partnered with employee communications specialist Headlines to launch a new app to deliver news and videos to employees around the world.

Tullow has a workforce of 2,000 people operating across 24 countries. Although Africa-focused, employees are based as far afield as Norway, Guyana and South Africa – often in extremely remote locations.

As a company that is growing quickly, Tullow values its small company feel and ranks employee engagement and keeping its people connected as a top priority.

The company invests in a broad communication strategy including the creation of collateral and channels including a quality magazine, Tullow World, which was launched with Headlines last year.

Since the launch of the magazine was so well received, Tullow approached Headlines to improve the way that it was presented online and through the 1000+ IOS apple devices.

Headlines have transformed the magazine into a multi-media experience with the new app, which provides an interactive digital edition offering video, audio, animated infographics and extended image galleries.

The new app is optimised for desktop, iPad and iPhone viewing, providing a bespoke reading experience on each device – and complements the popular printed magazine.

Stephen Golding, Head of Internal Communications at Tullow, explained: “Our workforce is extremely diverse – culturally, geographically and in terms of their experience in the industry.

“Our people are our most valueable asset and we want to ensure that they are well informed and engaged with the way we work.

“The paper magazine we launched with Headlines has been an enormous success. It is well read and is helping to build pride as well as performance, but, as one of our values is entrepreneurial spirit, we have to keep trying to improve and move forward.

“The app is an excellent example of how emerging technology can enhance the experience of our employees.

“Working alongside a traditional platform, it offers a new dimension and ensures we reach, attract and engage with our people even in the most challenging circumstances.”