Institute of Acoustics marketing booklet: the sounds of success

Institute of Acoustics marketing booklet: the sounds of success

August 8, 2014

For an organisation that prides itself on understanding the detailed nuances of sound, the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) has made a real visual statement with its latest publication.

The IoA teamed up with Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency to produce the booklet – entitled The Sound of Science – as an introductory guide to the intricate world of acoustics.

Bursting with eye-catching images and designed with an imaginative use of white space, the one-off publication provides a telling snapshot of the nine specialisms dedication to the advancement of science and the sharing of knowledge.

Headlines’ journalists worked alongside the IoA to carefully help shape the booklet’s content, ensuring pages were not overloaded with text to allow the original vision to be fulfilled.

Our team of experienced designers brought the subject of sound to life through a combination of bold text and striking images.

And, as a result, a copy of the publication has been sent to every member of the House of Lords, MPs and MEPs in the UK – highlighting the vital contribution that acousticians make to the modern world.

Charles Ellis, the IoA’s publicity officer, said: “We’re delighted with The Sound of Science.

“Acoustics has an impact – in one way or another – on every single one of us and we wanted to get this message across to some of the leading figures in the country.

“The design is fresh and modern, bringing the world of acoustics to life in a clear and methodical manner.”

Founded in 1974, the IoA has more than 3,000 members.

Headlines also produces the IoA’s native digital publication, Sound Bites aimed at university students considering a career in acoustics.