All you need to know about….. Beem

All you need to know about….. Beem

August 11, 2014

Beem co-founder Lee Lomax answers our questions on the mobile app.

Q. There’s many apps coming onto the market, focusing on content delivery. What makes Beem stand out?
A. Mobile reading platforms have gone through a renaissance as of late, keeping us on our toes! Ultimately, Beem is as smart as it is simple, we’re here to streamline and simplify company content.
We do this by integrating with a company’s multiple content sources, which can consist of enterprise social networks, intranet content, social media and other internal and external social content platforms.
Beem stands out because we take the duty and the legwork out of engaging with professional company content and material.

Q. Can you explain the thinking behind the ‘weebo’ function?
A. We wanted to create a distinctive way of exploring mobile content. Especially when you consider enterprise comms tools have long been clunky and dull. The weebo is on the right too, following the arc motion of the thumb on your right hand. We take a ruthless approach to innovation, we’re obsessed with user experience and have been experimenting with various new mechanics.

Q. How long, on average, does it take to get a client up and running on Beem?
A. This depends on the company. From our side, it’s an efficient process; the technical phase, with integrations, can occur within 12 days. Our clients love that Beem can be deployed rapidly and requires little company culture accommodation, meaning we’re a quick win for many organisations.

Q. Delivering content via Beem can be quite technical. With this is mind, how much control over their Beem operation will IC professionals have?
A. In comparison to using systems like Sharepoint and Yammer, Beem is administrator friendly.
Companies can control how many people have access to the admin suite, the permissions they have and even what channel they can access and edit.
From the dashboard, administrators can add branding, change app colours, and add or edit channels.
We’re making the dashboard even easier to use but I’m confident that, as it stands, companies will be pleasantly surprised as to how much control they have.

Q. Can people still access Beem content if they do not have a company email address?
A. Beem is in the final stages of creating a method of authorising secure access to reach and engage front-line employees. We spent a long time talking to organisations with a dispersed employee base and are developing a system of authenticating users without the requirement of an email address; we call this mechanic the ‘hot’ login. It is being created to tackle challenges head on, but also provide an unobtrusive image of front-line user behaviour.

Q. What is the primary concentration for Beem – in terms of development – in the coming months?
A. We’re currently in the process of implementing some great social components into Beem. These will go a long way to ensuring supercharging relevancy, collaboration and connectedness.
We’re also expanding our device capability; Beem will soon reach out across tablets and Windows Phones alongside our current iOS and Android offers.