The internal comms diary: A week with…. Carina Woodey

The internal comms diary

August 19, 2014

Carina Woodey is Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Manager at BAE Systems, a global defence, aerospace and security company that employs more than 88,000 people worldwide. She talks us through a usual working week…

Every Monday morning I start with a catch-up call with the Head of Comms, where we discuss what’s coming up over the next week and where we can support each other.
We are a team of two covering approximately 1,250 employees across six sites in England, Scotland and Wales – half of which are shop floor employees who don’t have access to the internet or email.
Most of this morning consists of teleconference calls to discuss up and coming campaigns across the business. Munitions is part of the UK side of BAE Systems and we not only manufacture a comprehensive range of munitions but are also a world leader in the research and development of those products.
This afternoon I hosted an inaugural call with my team of digital signage reps.
We have digital screens at five of our sites to provide daily updates of relevant business, company and site news, which is particularly useful to shop floor colleagues who do not have easy access to our intranet.

Carina Woodey
Carina Woodey

Today I spend the morning collating and writing Munitions News.
Munitions News is a monthly set of team briefing slides, which are produced to encourage face-to-face meetings between managers and their teams.
This monthly activity provides an update to all employees about important business information and stimulates discussions on work issues and successes.

My main priority today is to work on raising the visibility and approachable persona of the Munitions Management Team due to feedback and comments received at the communications channel and employee engagement reviews I conducted at each of our sites. It was essential to understand what our employees like and dislike, and what they want in order to fulfil their job roles effectively, and their feedback was invaluable. So I am starting to work on using our “We are BAE Systems” campaign to highlight what our management team do and what it means to them working for the company, even throwing in some personal information so employees can get to know them better.
I then start to draft articles for the Munitions bi-annual magazine, Airburst, which includes information on the We are BAE Systems campaign and recent activities across our sites.

Today I travel to our Glascoed site in South Wales, to support the Chairman’s Awards campaign. This is a BAE Systems global initiative launched designed last week to recognise the fantastic work employees do. I am involved in all of the comms and PR material as well as the main organiser for the awards ceremony later in the year for the Munitions business. It is a fantastic scheme to be involved with and an excellent way to find great people news stories to promote across the business.

This morning is the first cascade of Munitions News, hosted by the Munitions Managing Director to his first line reports and senior leaders from across the business. It is an opportunity for the leaders to understand more about what is currently happening across the other functions so that they can confidently brief their teams who in turn brief their teams in a cascade formation. It is an excellent engagement tool to ensure teams discuss important work related issues every month. I then round up the rest of the week and plan ahead for the following week, preparing for the challenges and diversity of another week in communications. A role that ticks all of my job satisfaction requirements!