Infographic: gamification in numbers

gamification in numbers - infographic

August 22, 2014

Fighting an ongoing battle with senior leadership over the merits of gamification?

Here’s a super infographic providing compelling numerical arguments for using gamification – introducing video game mechanics into non-gaming environments – as a tool to keep colleagues engaged at work.

Created by Column Five with expense management software provider Concur, the infographic reveals some startling facts.

Information technology research and advisory experts Gartner believes the role of gamification as a prominent engagement tool will become even more evident as the digital revolution continues apace.

“While people have used badges and points as motivational tools for hundreds of years, gamification can shift this motivation to a digital environment, enabling organisations to scale motivation without the constraints of cost, time, distance or connectivity,” said Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner.

Interestingly, the infographic suggests that engaged employees were a staggering 87 per cent less likely to leave their jobs.

But research by Gallup though suggests that only 13 per cent of workers worldwide are engaged as work, providing plenty of opportunity for up-and-coming techniques to make a real difference.

Burke is in no doubt that gamification, whether it is used in a competitive or collaborative context, has a huge role to play in the workplace in the future.

He added: “When appropriately applied, gamification has the potential to encourage large numbers of people to change their behaviour, learn new skills or become more innovative.

“Gamification is an important tool in the overall strategy toolkit for the digital business.

“It can motivate people to do extraordinary things.”