Desperate for colleague feedback? Ask the right questions…

Desperate for priceless colleague feedback? Ask the right questions...

September 1, 2014

Struggling to get the desired interaction with your digital audience?

It may be that you’re not asking the right questions, according to experts.

Latest research suggests time is more important for readers than ever, increasing the need for internal comms professionals to produce questions that will inspire readers to give feedback.

A survey commissioned by communications regulator Ofcom revealed UK adults now spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices – longer than the average night’s sleep.

The research – which surveyed 2,800 UK adults and children surveyed – also confirmed the 16-24 age range multi-task when it comes to consuming media, fitting 14 hours of online watching, streaming and chatting into a mere nine hours.

Having such vital knowledge only raises the bar for publications delivering its message in print and online.

Indeed, it serves to ramp up pressure on editorial teams looking to capture people’s attention.

Getting the editorial basics correct are now more important than ever: asking the right questions, devising the right headline and producing teasers that encourage the reader to delve in.

Enticing readers by throwing a question at them has become a popular method for social media specialists to generate responses and engagement with the audience.

Question-led content fits nicely with the conversational tone of social while allowing the story’s message to be interwoven around potential feedback – a win-win for communications experts.

Obviously ensuring you ask the right question is fundamental for generating priceless feedback.

An interesting blog from the Recruitment Advisor website suggests there are four steps to check to ensure your questions are a success.

They are:
• Is the answer interesting?
• Keep your question open-ended.
• Is it clear enough?
• Does it raise other questions?

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