Beem team: welcome to the future

Headlines agree partnership with mobile app Beem

September 2, 2014

A pioneering mobile app that changes dramatically the way businesses communicate with their staff is the latest breakthrough media tool that Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency is offering to the market.

Beem is a dynamic app that provides a single hub for all kinds of messaging, bringing together both internal and external messaging together under one banner.

All company communications – Twitter, emails, newsletters, Yammer, and Facebook for example – are channelled together along with content from numerous other sources and sent straight to smartphones.

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It’s brilliant for frontline colleagues and particularly good for staff in remote locations, ensuring that they are always in touch with everything affecting their working lives, wherever they happen to be.

Beem will give users a personalised service, available on both iOS or Android, and means that they will stay on top of all communication channels, even with those that are continually evolving.

And it gives massive flexibility for organisations to deliver content in many different ways to their audiences, using the widest possible range of internal communication platforms.

Beem has signed an exclusive partnership with Headlines, bringing together the best in internal communications media expertise and the creative use of emerging technology, to revolutionise the way people engage with organisations.

Charlotte Forsberg, Headlines’ Deputy Managing Director, said: “Beem is the application that many organisations have been waiting for.

“They have been asking for a tool of this kind to co-ordinate all they do – and Beem will be the perfect fit.

“It’s flexible, extremely intuitive and has a solid social core, which provides another layer of depth to the app.

“And it’s all piped directly through to smartphones. It provides targeted communication to colleagues in an easy-to-use and enjoyable manner.”

Edmund Ovington, VP Business Development at Beem said: ”Headlines works with fantastic global brands and we know we can help their customers achieve huge strides in communications with our truly innovative app.”

* To find out more about Beem, contact Carmen Lothian, Headlines’ New Business Manager, on 01908 398 367.