Exciting colleagues key ‘to creating true employee engagement’

Exciting colleagues key 'to creating true employee engagement'

September 17, 2014

Companies need to excite colleagues if they wish to create a true culture of employee engagement, according to an expert.

Sue Swanborough, General Mills’ HR director, believes businesses need to focus on understanding their employees to help foster a natural internal pride in products or services.

She told HR Magazine: “Engagement is an ongoing journey.

“The starting point should always be to understand your people.

“If you build an environment that gets people excited then engagement follows.

“Every company is going to be different, but finding new and innovative ways to drive engagement is a great place to begin.”

Employees at the iconic global food company recently staged a world record attempt – working together to create the world’s longest line of tacos – to mark the launch of a new product.

She added: “It’s something that really got everyone together, from the chef to the people in the office.”

“And it generated pride in the company and the products among staff.

“Sometimes the internal focus about pride in products can be missed.”

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