The story behind Anton Nebbe’s internal comms book

Story behind Anton Nebbe's internal comms book

November 3, 2014

Headlines has designed and published Anton Nebbe’s The Communicator’s Guide to Effective Project Planning.

Anton has more than 12 years’ experience in the industry.

Born in South Africa, he came to the UK in 1998 equipped with a journalism degree and began writing for trade publications before kick-starting his internal communications career at Pfizer UK’s research and development facility in Kent in 2001.

The internal comms industry has allowed him to travel the world and work for several large companies, including Thomson Reuters, BP and Network Rail.

So what has he learned so far – and why has he decided now is the right time to release this book?

“There’s lots of theory and academic information out there for internal communicators, which is great, but there isn’t much material that teaches the fundamental skills needed to be an internal comms professional,” said Anton.


“This was the case when I first got into the IC industry and it’s still the case today.

“A lot of what we do is a series of projects and I want to give others an easy introduction into internal comms with what is, essentially, a ‘how-to’ guide.”

Corporate recognition of the importance of internal comms has been steadily increasing in recent years, as demonstrated by the high-level support for the Engage for Success movement.

And Anton believes that organisations in any doubt just need to visualise a business without internal comms to realise its true importance.

How would companies function if they didn’t have internal comms? What would happen if messages weren’t communicated from management to employees and between peers?

“You’d end up with the situation IC was in 20 or 30 years ago, where there was a much more definite sense of ‘them and us’ within organisations,” added Anton.

“Management were thought to deliberately hold things back and the notion of employee engagement wasn’t as strong and well noted as it is now.

“How would people know what their organisation was aiming towards and how valued they are as employees? Internal comms breaks down these barriers.”

And with internal comms now becoming part of many organisations’ strategic planning, Anton believes it’s the perfect time to add value to the industry he cares about most.

“Internal comms can be an extremely rewarding profession if you get it right.

“With the help of Headlines, I’ve created a book that’s easy to follow and I’m proud to put my name to it.

“I want to contribute something positive to internal comms and, most importantly, I want to produce material that is valued by my peers.”

• Anton Nebbe’s book The Communicator’s Guide to Effective Project Planning – is available out now, priced £14.99. To purchase a copy, click on the link below…