Anton Nebbe: qualities needed to succeed in internal comms

Qualities needed to succeed in internal comms

November 7, 2014

There’s more to an internal communications professional than somebody who’s good at talking and can write clear, concise copy.

But what exact qualities are needed to ensure internal comms can be a success within your organisation?

Long time internal communications professional, Anton Nebbe, says there are several fundamental qualities that each IC professional needs in terms of both content delivery and personality.

“Having confidence that doesn’t border on arrogance is key,” he said.

“Internal comms requires the careful managing of stakeholders, so you need the confidence to be able to communicate with stakeholders throughout the organisation in a consistent way, from the CEO to the team member.


“Establishing personal credibility is also vital as this will take you a long way to becoming a success in internal communications.

“Finally, perhaps most simply and definitely most importantly, you need an attitude to work hard.”

So aside from these personality traits, what else is required?

Good writing is important but there’s more to it than that, Anton says.

“Being able to plan effectively is crucial.

“We’re asked to help with projects all the time and these need to be supported appropriately to ensure the communications campaigns can achieve the best results.

“You need to be able to take information, understand it clearly and craft it with clarity.”

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