Secrets behind a successful email newsletter

Secrets behind a successful email newsletter

November 7, 2014

Whether you deem them to be old hat or an invaluable part of an effective comms mix, internal and external email newsletters continue to drop into inboxes frequently.

With the seemingly-unstoppable rise of social in the workplace accompanied by frequent complaints from office workers over email saturation, the e-newsletter is facing tough competition for audience attention.

Taking those factors into account, it has never been so important to make sure your email newsletter is fighting fit.

It was fascinating to read Time announce that its promotional email newsletter now had a 40 per cent open rate. Impressive stuff.

The magazine went back to basics with its email newsletter – providing links to its own content every morning. And it’s paying dividends.

“I always say that inviting someone into your inbox is the new inviting someone into your home,” Callie Schweitzer, who leads the magazine’s digital innovation programme.

“You have to earn the right to be there, but you also have to earn the right to stay there.”

The magazine’s top tips include:

* To the point. Don’t over egg the pudding in the subject line, keep it bright and succinct.
* Stay on topic. Always ensure your subject line is reflected in the content. Great headlines need relevant copy – otherwise readers may lose faith.
* Keep an open mind. Try out different formats, delivery times and tone – and let your audience guide you.

Handy advice on newsletters seems to be a popular topic at the moment.

We stumbled across this interesting blog from Readz about the key ingredients that your internal newsletter needs to include.

Tips include:

* Be interactive. Survey, polls, questions. Involving the audience with content is a tried-and-trusted method of improving engagement.
* Inform and entertain. Newsletters need to have value so make sure your content contains plenty of need-to-know information alongside the entertaining elements.
* Be logical. Having a clean layout that is easy to navigate is an essential part of the formula. If you over complicate it, then the audience will lose interest. Make it as easy for them as possible.