Firms facing employee engagement crunch, says Nita Clarke

Firms facing employee engagement crunch, says Nita Clarke

November 12, 2014

Engagement guru Nita Clarke has warned UK companies face crunch time over employee engagement – if they want to survive.

Nita, who co-founded the Engage for Success movement, believes emerging global trends are magnifying the need to ensure employees feel valued in the workplace.

In a stark warning to British businesses, she told the CIPD annual conference in Manchester: “This is no longer a nice to do any more.

“Without increasing levels of engagement, how are you going to deal with what is coming down the line for your organisation?”

We reported last week that internal communication was booming in the Far East as a result of flourishing staff retention rates.

And according to Nita, increased competition from Asia is one of the key factors that is providing “a wake-up call” to UK firms over the need for bona fida engagement – alongside the relentless drive of technology and the issue of ageing populations.

“This is a real wake-up call,” she added. “We can’t keep on doing what we’ve always done as the world is coming to get us.

“Unless people can adapt and change, it’s going to be extremely difficult.

“People aren’t your best asset; they are your only asset.”

Engage for Success co-founder David MacLeod highlighted the need for organisations to change employee engagement approach from ‘transactional’ to ‘transformational’.

The difference?

Transactional is usually based around colleague feedback – like a survey – while transformational is building engagement by placing the employees at the centre of every business critical decision.

He added: “You can do things transactionally and get a bit of a result, or do things transformationally and really move the dial.”

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