Infographic: Nine out of ten workers ‘lack passion for their job’

Nine out of ten workers 'lack passion for their job'

November 18, 2014

Ouch. If you’re an employee engagement disciple, then these latest figures will undoubtedly make difficult reading.

Latest research in the US reveals that a staggering 88 per cent of employees lack passion for their jobs.

And the bad news doesn’t end there.

Perhaps even more worryingly, the research – carried out by employee survey tool OfficeVibe – suggests that only one in five managers are passionate about their roles.

Read the main findings from the survey in the rather nifty infographic below…

13 Disturbing Facts About Employee Engagement [Infographic].

The research comes at a time when Engage for Success guru Nita Clarke is warning about firms about crunch time over employee engagement – if the UK doesn’t want to get left behind by the rest of the world.