How to pick the right internal comms mobile app

How to pick the right internal comms mobile app

November 20, 2014

Migrating internal communication to a mobile platforms appears – on the surface at least – a simple decision.

With the popularity of smartphones showing little sign of slowing, it seems a no-brainer to weave comms into employees’ daily lives rather than burdening them with yet another platform to access.

But in reality it is not that easy. Picking the right app to deliver your content, for example, can be a minefield.

The choice is already expansive and growing every day – with the likes of London-based app Beem leading the way.

Such a selection is a necessary evil. What works for one organisation might not for others resulting in a diverse range of products. Also the pool is further swelled by apps focusing on single elements of communication.

For example, Trello helps ease the pain of managing a complicated project while Slack has been created to reduce email saturation.

But what are the basics that you should be considering when looking to adopt a mobile app for your business?

Caitlin Carpenter, responsible for technology platform Nudge Rewards’s marketing and communications, wrote this excellent blog about the elements that should form the basis of a mobile adoption strategy.

1. Don’t overcomplicate it. This one may sound obvious but mobile audiences are hard to please. Downloading, installing and onboarding needs to be quick, logical and straight-forward. IF you veer away from the simplistic approach then you move lose employees before you’ve even started.

2. To the point. Your audience is more time-conscious than ever before, putting further pressure on comms to be succinct, direct and relevant. Your audience will be varied so ensure communication is targeted to the correct part of the audience. The days of hopeful blanket coverage approach is over.

3. Open to all. This is important but so often overlooked. It’s easy to focus on one of the main app operating systems like iOS or Android. But mobiles come in all shapes, sizes and brands. It’s imperative your mobile app works across all the major players. It should be making life easier, not creating a headache for IT departments.

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