How comfy offices can increase employee engagement

How comfy offices can increase employee engagement

December 5, 2014

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really improve your day.

Drinking a morning brew from your favourite mug or spotting a fresh-cut bunch of flowers in the hallway can raise a smile and give you the boost needed to ace that presentation.

Businesses are taking note too with many introducing changes to the office environment to inspire employees.

Forward-thinking international organisations are leading the way: employees at Google’s London headquarters can make use of rooftop allotments while recycled jet fighter ejector seats make a quirky space for brainstorming sessions.

And Lego has installed a slide in the middle of its headquarters, which perhaps may not be completely practical or appropriate inside a corporate setting.

These are pretty extreme examples, of course.

But smaller companies are still finding plenty of benefits by even making simple improvements to the workplace.

PolicyBee, a specialist business insurance broker, considers suggestions from annual employee surveys when updating their office.

“In this year’s survey, one person said they’d like a plant on their desk – and now everyone has one!” said Iain Hatfield, Chairman at PolicyBee.

“We spend a large proportion of our lives at work so it might as well be fun and enjoyable – and the feedback we get certainly confirms that people appreciate the effort we make when we introduce new ideas.”

“The physical environment acts as an expression of our company culture. We feel it’s important to give employees a reminder of who we are, so even our window blinds, coffee mugs and comfortable settees in the café area have been selected to match our brand and personality.”

Iain also believes that providing a well-adapted working environment is an important step to improving employee engagement.

He added: “It’s a practical way of demonstrating to colleagues that they’re worth thought and investment. This isn’t just any old office, this is our office. That means something to us.”