Blog: Employee engagement is not just for Christmas

Employee engagement is not just for Christmas

December 22, 2014

Christmas is nearly upon us and, for most organisations, a bumper time for employee engagement.

But why is it that employees usually feel treated with extra warmth and gratitude during the Yuletide season?

It is an interesting point to consider. These days, the festive feeling begins to sink into colleagues’ mindsets as soon as the calendar turns to December 1.

You know the signs. The random acts of kindness between colleagues; usually grumpy managers having an extra spring in their step.

If so, the question is simple: why is this culture of appreciation and gratitude only for Christmas?

Why is it not embedded within your company all year round?

Martin Latulippe, a recognised leader in personal and professional development, recently spoke at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers convention and he explained that there are two types of currency in business: money and heart.

This can be applied to businesses across the globe.

It’s been widely reported this year that UK employees have some of the lowest engagement with their jobs in the world, with employee engagement decreasing in the last 12 months.

Earlier this year, a survey of more than 7,000 employees across 20 countries, conducted by global research firm ORC International, found that 49 per cent of employees didn’t feel valued at work, with only 37 per cent of employees encouraged to be innovative.

Millions of pounds are being lost in lack of productivity each year and some of this is likely to be down to managers not engaging with their workforce in the right way and not showing them how much they care often enough.

It’s almost 2015, so shouldn’t the days of leading without heart and emotion be over?

Surely, by now it’s clear that taking interest in your employees’ development and well-being at all times – not just for one calendar month every year – is paramount?