Targeted internal communication ‘will be key theme in 2015’

Targeted internal communication 'will be key theme in 2015'

December 29, 2014

Internal communication is set to undergo huge change in 2015 with targeted content coming to the fore, according to experts.

As the regular comms channels continue to evolve and organically integrate with each other, it provides a huge opportunity for content to take centre stage.

Is your internal comms strategy ready for the challenges ahead?

Jane Revell, Head of Consultancy at Headlines – The Internal Communication Agency, says understanding employees is the key to creating a targeted approach.

Jane Revell
Jane Revell

She said: “Whether you use demographics, job roles, location or channel preferences, a targeted approach to IC will help you to reach employees in a way they want to communicate and with messages that are relevant and interesting to them.”

It is true that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to segmenting your internal audiences.

Through its consultancy service, Headlines experts can carry out a full IC health check, highlighting popular channels and the preferred ways in which colleagues want to receive information.

Jane added: “Having an excellent understanding of what motivates and engages your employees, and the ways that they want to communicate and be involved in the organisation will help shape your IC strategy.”

Headlines’ consultancy team can provide support in many of the IC areas, from helping to develop and implement results-focused strategies, to undertaking channel reviews, creating line manager and champion toolkits and providing support in evaluating IC activities.

To find out more about Headlines’ services, email carmen.lothian@headlines.uk.com