Blog: why video must be central to future internal comms

Why video must be central to future internal comms

January 6, 2015

Some things you simply can’t ignore.

Taxes (unless you fancy a lengthy spell behind bars). Christmas presents (unless you’re happy with a long stint in the dog house). Frozen (if you know anyone who wants to build a snowman).

So what exactly should be on the radar of all internal comms professionals in 2015? That’s easy. Video.

I can hear the yawns from here, the movement of the mouse/finger to close down this particular tab. We know video has already established itself inside the IC mix.

But let me explain.

Internal communication continues to benefit from the rapid development of technology with more channels to interact with audiences than ever before.

Indeed such choice is perfect for the audience, allowing them to consume information in a way that suits them.

However it does leave IC teams with a conundrum: you cannot plough the same content down every channel as it sadly doesn’t work that way. Each channel has its own limitations and advantages, making content requirements more complicated.

Add to the mix the ever-growing desire for more personalised and targeted content, it’s a heady challenge.

This is where video comes into its own. It’s hugely flexible for starters. Whether you want to tell a story, share knowledge, cover an event or carry out training, video is a tool that can be utilised.

Perhaps more importantly though, it can work across a variety of channels.

Working either as a stand alone product or embedded into written content, video can displayed on your ESN, integrated into email newsletters, become a central part of a digital publication.

Demand for quality content will only rise in the future, particularly with social media enabling more two-way dialogue with colleagues than ever before.

And the impact of video – alongside other visual content – should not be underestimated.

Headlines – The Headlines Story from H3 Productions on Vimeo.

Recent research by presentation experts Ethos3 revealed:

* Pictures and videos get 100% more engagement
* Visuals get 94% more than views than text-based information
* Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with pictures/video.

I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

Video should be treated as a primary pillar in IC strategies for 2015 – and its importance will only become more prominent as time goes by.

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