Digital guru aims for ‘internal comms age of enlightenment’

Digital guru aims for 'internal comms age of enlightenment'

January 13, 2015

Leading digital media specialist Graham Davidson boosted the ranks of Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency, joining the Milton Keynes-based team as Head of Digital.

An influential figure in online communications, Graham will use years of experience as a digital pioneer to bring ground-breaking tools to Headlines’ clients.

He said: “Internal communication is about to enter an age of enlightenment where we harness people’s addiction to digital and social media to really engage them with their workplace communities.

“The opportunities of creating media channels that are so compelling people can’t put them down have tremendous implications for IC and employee engagement – and Headlines has some really exciting ideas which they have bought me in to help deliver.”

Headlines’ Chief Executive Peter Doherty said: “We’re looking at what’s next. The way people receive and share information is changing radically with an explosion both in volume and choice of formats.

“At entry level, communication is going to be visual and playful or it will go unnoticed.

“If we get the formula right there is no reason why people won’t enjoy engaging with their workplace with the same enthusiasm they currently reserve for Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.”

Graham’s technical expertise is backed by a degree and years of commercial experience in strategic marketing, plus a significant track record developing creative projects in the public and private sectors including the Department for Education (DfE).

Graham Davidson
Graham Davidson

Also a respected industry speaker, Graham said: “I’m a self-confessed ‘internet nut’. Headlines is visionary in its approach to helping clients engage their workforce through digital media.

“Digital media has been a lifelong interest of mine.

“I grew up messing around with some of the first personal computers in the market, which had less memory than today’s most basic mobile phones.”

He added: “The industry is developing so quickly that keeping ahead of trends is a hobby in itself. For me, this is a vocation, and I’m hugely excited to be joining a team as pioneering as Headlines.”

Headlines is one of the UK’s leading corporate communications agencies reaching millions of employees across the globe for major brands including Shell, Nestlé and Tesco.

Based in Milton Keynes, Headlines’ teams of editors, strategists, designers and video experts provide clients with innovative ways to engage employees – from high-impact newspapers and magazines, to digital publications, newsletters, creative, video, audio and strategic consultancy.