Making your company’s annual report sexy…

How video can bring your annual report to life

January 26, 2015

As challenges in communication go, this is a big one.

How do you make your organisation’s annual report appealing to your colleagues?

It’s a conundrum that faces comms professionals at the end of every financial year.

Annual reports are packed with need-to-know information but few have the patience – or inclination – to wade through the reams of words to discover the essential details.

So how do you approach such a challenge, particularly with employees more selective than ever over viewing habits?

Think of it this way. The annual report is a story about the firm’s journey – one that needs to be retold with impact.

Bold posters, eye-catching infographics and concise content can all help provide a spark of interest.

But here’s the real trick.

Understand the real story the annual report is attempting to tell and bring it to life through video.

Why video?

It can work across platforms – intranet, your enterprise social network, email and mobile – and interwoven throughout the rest of your annual report-related content helping boost stickability.

Demand for video shows no sign of slowing with recent research revealing YouTube now has four billion views a day.


Video is flexible too.

Want to create an end-of-year round-up? No problem.

Want to inspire colleagues with a fresh message to start the beginning of the financial year? Done.

Animation. Moving infographics. Interviews with senior leaders.

The options are endless.

Sara Wilmot, Head of Video Production at Headlines’ sister company H3 Productions, said: “Video has the power to evoke emotions and produce a deeper level of engagement.

“By telling a story and involving the people behind the statistics, we can bring a dry subject to life through video.”