Infographic: Secrets behind motivating employees

Infographic: What motivates employees?

January 29, 2015

What are the key secrets behind motivating employees?

It is a question regularly pitched to Headlines’ experts. Sadly there’s no magic solution – each company has unique challenges which are usually reflected in the required demands of its colleagues.

However there are some solid motivation-related basics that provide a useful starting point when looking at the happiness of your firm’s workforce.

Employee survey specialists Officevibe created this rather nifty infographic – see below – highlighting the key pillars of creating a happier group of colleagues.

Identity. Responsibility. Inspire.

It’s not rocket science but it certainly does ring true.

Jacob Shriar, Officevibe’s director of customer happiness, said: “Employee motivation isn’t very hard to get right, but, unfortunately, many companies are still stuck in the past.

“What truly motivates employees is the opportunity to grow and make a real difference in the world.”

The Secret To Employee Motivation (Infographic)