Intentionally over-managing employees BOOSTS engagement, says Disney

Over-managing staff BOOSTS engagement - Disney

February 24, 2015

Employee engagement experts at Disney have revealed one of the big secrets behind developing an engaged workforce – over-managing employees.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Experts at the Disney Institute insist that paying extra focus to colleagues is a key factor in boosting employee engagement.

The Disney Institute – an organisation that uses business insights gathered at Disney’s worldwide resorts and park to help companies develop culture and leadership – believes “paying extraordinary attention” to staff helps creating a highly engaged workplace.

I’m sure the thought of having a line manager watch over your shoulder as you type out an email to colleagues will send a shiver down the spine of most people.

But the think-tank has a more rounded analytical approach than that.

They focus on four interconnected workplace processes that, if successfully nurtured, can help create “culture by design”.

These are: employee selection, communication, care and training.

The blog states: “At Disney Institute, we believe that by intentionally over-managing – or paying extraordinary attention to – certain critical human resources processes, an organisation can create and sustain a workplace culture comprised of highly engaged employees.

“We often get asked, “How can I increase productivity?” We challenge leaders to reframe the question to: ‘How can I demonstrate genuine care for my employees?’

“The reason: Genuinely caring for people, beyond standard benefits and incentive programs, creates a real sense of community, which leads to a positive and highly productive work environment.”