Future of internal comms? There’s an app for that…

Employee communication apps rise continues

February 26, 2015

If there’s one single question that Headlines experts are repeatedly quizzed over, it surrounds the future of the internal communication industry.

Depending on who you ask, the answer will differ but no-one would dare contest the increasing prominence of apps specifically designed for employee communication.

The selection is plentiful nowadays. As the smartphone revolution continues to seep ever deeper into our working lives, the relevance of mobile apps to communicate with employees is becoming increasingly obvious.

CorpComms Magazine recently published an interesting article about the way large-scale organisations were utilising the new wave of internally focused apps.

The article examines Barclays’ successful delve into the employee app world.

The firm’s in-house IT team developed the MySite app for iOS and Android. Housing IC news, HR information, training guides and the firm’s internal magazine, the app now serves 42,000 employees – and has been cited as a reason behind a spike in engagement.

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The enterprise content start-up has been running for 18 months and since the turn of the year has announced deals with the likes of HSBC, Coca-Cola and Reed Elsevier.

Some 18 months since its inception and using customer feedback, Beem continues to evolve.

It now focuses on three areas: Beem Ignite for sales and marketing teams, Beem Connect for non-desk based employees and Beem Amplify to develop employees as advocates.

“When I introduce companies to Beem they’re excited about how easy it is to reach all of their employees, as well as hear from them directly,” said Ciara O’Keeffe, Beem’s VP Success.

Meanwhile across the ocean, Slack claims to be the fastest growing business app – ever.

The chat-focused app – designed to cut down on people’s email clutter – has more than 500,000 daily users – with a staggering 35% growth in daily users in January alone.

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Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and CEO of the $1 billion valued company, said: “”We have some teams where someone signs up and a week later we have 50 people using it every day.”

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