Internal comms must be on a human level, says London Underground IC chief

Internal comms must be on human level, says London Underground IC boss

March 2, 2015

Internal communication must be pitched at a human level rather than focusing on role or location, according to London Underground’s head of IC.

Heather Wagoner, LU’s Head of Internal Communication and Engagement, is eager to stress the benefits of delivering targeted comms to employees.

But she believes the internal communication industry is yet to fully grasp the nettle on this particularly challenge.

In an interview with imgZine, Wagoner said: “We see our communications miss the mark time and time again, with communications pros often getting caught in circles of endlessly trying to tailor messages for smaller and smaller audience groups.

“In my opinion, the key is creating messages that appeal to employees on a ‘human’ level rather than a role, location or even generational level.

“I think employees expect to be treated as individuals now, with individual preferences and individual voices.

“Our traditional audience segmentation techniques are helpful to identify employee groups, but the reality is that they don’t always address individuals within those groups.”

Former BBC internal comms chief Lucy Adams recently predicted the demise of traditional IC with the future evolution of the industry blurring the lines between internal communication and HR.

Wagoner, however, believes IC needs to improve on adapting best practice pioneered in other sectors before true change can happen.

She added: “I’ve heard for a long time now that in internal communications we’re in a ‘revolution’.

“Yet, the same conversations about channels and frustration over a lack of influence prevail.

“While there are so many industries that have fantastic insights to share and adapt, we seem a bit reticent at times to tap into that best practice.

“I think we worry too much about the ‘not invented here’ syndrome.”

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