Top tips: Five steps to designing a great infographic

Five tips to create a great infographic

March 5, 2015

Infographics are everywhere at the moment. With visual communication rising in prominence with the emergence of Generation Y in the workplace, the use of infographics has become almost a prerequisite for internal comms professionals.

But how do you make your creation stand out from the crowd?

Mark Newnham, Head of Creative at Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency, reveals his tips on producing an eye-catching infographic.


1. Keep it simple
Infographics can be needlessly complex creating an overloaded and confusing mess – remember that infographics are visually-led and like most design the ethos ‘less is more’ is relevant.

2. Keep it copy light
Look for numbers and key singular words that can be translated visually into an icon or simple graphic.

3. Have a clear message
The infographic should have a definite theme and focus that links all the content.
The design should be equally themed to complement and instantly signify the subject matter.
Bear in mind that the average viewing time for an infographic is three minutes so be selective when choosing which information to feature.

4. Be clever with colour
Infographics are packed with information so the design shouldn’t be overly complicated otherwise it can become an assault on the eyes.
A key way to avoid this happening is to choose your colours wisely – using 2-3 colours will create a harmonious and well balanced design that appears clean and stylish.

5. Use a grid
Sadly it is common to see infographics overloaded and designed without thought for how the eye should travel and the hierarchy between elements.
Make sure the design works from a grid so there is order, consistency and a flow in the placement of elements.

Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency designed the infographic below to bring the Engage for Success: The Evidence report to life in striking fashion.


Mark and Headlines’ experienced Creative team excel in bringing key corporate messaging to life via infographics for clients across the globe.

Here’s a case study of how we use infographic elements inside printed publications…