Storytelling ‘helped Asda to engage call centre staff’

Storytelling 'helped Asda to engage call centre staff'

March 9, 2015

Asda has revealed storytelling played a vital role in helping engage its call centres employees.

The UK supermarket giant relaunched its employee engagement strategy to win the hearts and minds of disillusioned staff.

And the turnaround has been remarkable.

The Businees Reporter reveals that the supermarket was stung into action with “high levels of staff turnover and lack of employee engagement in its call centres”.

The dire situation prompted Asda to re-evaluate its approach to the call centre workforce.

Nathan Dring, Head of learning and engagement at Asda Global Shared Services (UK), said the fresh outlook came down to three cornerstones: mastery, autonomy and purpose – aimed at giving colleagues greater ownership and pride in their roles.

He said: “We’ve had to really change our approach to purpose.

“Instead of pointless commendations, we’ve introduced stories about our employees helping their colleagues. Everybody loves being told a story.

“Stories allow us to connect with our business and with our customers.

“By drawing people into the story, we rewire our staff’s brains so that they want to be in the next story.”

In addition, call answering and average call-length targets have been ditched.

As a result, the percentage of staff leaving for other jobs has dropped to 1.3 per cent while the percentage of staff absences is three per cent.

Asda has been delighted with the results and accept that the challenge of engaging employees continues to evolve.

Dring said the times of a one-yearly employee survey are firmly in the past.

He added: “It’s tired, it’s old and it’s self-service and pointless.”

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