Case study: building a successful Instagram account

Case study: building a successful Instagram account

March 23, 2015

Social media is a noisy place. With billions of posts and pictures uploaded every day, many struggle to be heard.

When Hannah Darvas decided to launch her fledgling Instagram account, she was no different to anyone else.

But ten months on, the 20-year-old has become a social success story – much to her surprise.

Her blog today has a following of more than 15,000 people with dozens of comments and emails arriving every day.

Hannah, who has worked as a Junior Designer at Headlines – The Internal Communications Agency for the past six months, started her social journey after deciding to share her experience of recovering from bulimia.

She said: “I wanted to connect with others that I knew were going through a similar experience.

“It’s like a diary – in a way. I felt the need to document part of my life that I felt uncomfortable with sharing to the outside world.”

The content on Hannah’s account – healthnuthannah – is inspiring.

Vibrant images are prominent throughout entwined with thought-provoking messages and uplifting postings.

This approach struck a chord with Instagram users, attracting huge interaction on every post Hannah makes.

She said: “Some may think it odd, but I’ve made friends for life through social media.

“I maintain it and have built up relationships with my followers.”

Hannah, who fondly recalls her delight at passing the 800 follower landmark months ago, is modest over the true strength of connection with her audience.

Engagement on her postings is simply incredible – a single entry can attract hundreds of likes, comments and private messages.

Hannah says the feedback is amazing but concedes finding the time to reply to everyone can be tricky.

She said: “I do my best to reply to every comment. It’s an honour to receive the feedback and I feel like it’s only polite to get back to everyone.

“I receive multiple emails and personal messages from followers daily, which can often be two or three pages long.

“Those are probably the hardest to respond to. I feel like I just don’t have the time to invest into everyone individually.”

Members of her Instagram audience have even thanked her for saving their lives, Hannah said.

She added: “I’m not sure that I will ever be able to truly comprehend that. But comments like those will never get old.”

Hannah’s top tips on creating a successful Instagram account:
• Quality over quantity. Post informative and engaging captions alongside your images.
• Build relationships. Interact with your followers and the people that your follow. Reputation is important if you wish to expand.
• Good quality pictures are vital. You’re more likely to attract people if what you’re posting is aesthetically pleasing.