Future of internal communication? Integration, says Aston Martin chief

Integration 'is future for internal comms'

March 24, 2015

Companies must integrate internal communication into the “total communication picture” in the future, says a leading IC chief.

Simon Sproule insists people joining today’s IC industry need a “mind shift” to understand the importance of integrating channels of communication.

Sproule was recently named director of marketing and global communications at Aston Martin Lagonda after a distinguished career with household names like Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Microsoft.

With the audience demographics evolving both internally and externally, Sproule is keen to stress that comms professionals need to think about channels – rather than concentrating purely on a single area – if they are to be successful.

He told PR Week: “I run integrated internal communications, external communications, marketing, social and digital.

“I would ask that people entering into corporate communications go into the business understanding the importance of integration.

“For this to work it requires a mind shift and teaching our young people not to think like marketeers or corporate communicators but to think in a multichannel way.”

He is certainly not alone in this view.

Back in October, insurance provider Aegon announced it was abolishing its specialist internal comms team for a more integrated comms approach.

The Dutch-based pensions and asset management company highlighted the ever-growing intricacies of delivering multi-channel channel content as a key reason behind the switch.

Sproule – who has been tasked with bringing the Aston Martin brand to a “whole new generation of customers” – believes combining marketing and communication will be a real benefit for businesses.

He added: “You can still have specialists but it needs to be brought together under a holistic strategy that looks at the total communication picture.”

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