Case study: Lack of collaboration ‘spawned SharePoint rival Huddle’

How collaboration issues led to Huddle creation

March 26, 2015

Frustration over the inability to allow colleagues to collaborate effectively led to the creation of Huddle – the start-up that touts itself as SharePoint’s competitor.

Entrepreneur Alastair Mitchell shares the story behind Huddle.

He recalls running a 300-strong team for a computer science company but becoming exasperated by the failure of purpose-built platforms to deliver the peer-to-peer (as well as client) knowledge sharing required.

After trying a number of solutions – including Microsoft’s market leader SharePoint – with the inevitable substantial financial outlay attached, Mitchell admits he was left scratching his head due to a lack of impact.

Instead he realised that he needed to create the answer himself.

Hence the arrival of Huddle, a cloud based enterprise content collaboration tool, was born.

Rather than me try and explain it, I’ll let the video below tell the story of how Huddle works.

Mitchell told TechRepublic: “We called it Huddle for a reason.

“We called it Huddle because it’s about people working together.

“If I invite you to huddle with me, you know exactly what you’re going to do.”

Launched back in 2006, Huddle is entirely cloud based. Importantly though, it does integrate with Microsoft Office applications and SharePoint.

Additionally, Huddle works with both Windows and Mac and is available on both desktop and mobile.

Huddle is keen to highlight its rivalry with SharePoint – even dedicating spoof videos to the topic.

Beyond the light-heartedness though, Huddle means business.

More than 100,000 organisations across the world have signed up to use the tool – including the likes of NASA.

“There is no reason why enterprise has to have software that sucks,” Mitchell said.

“You should have easy to use, secure software that everyone loves using and everyone will use.”

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