Can Snapchat be an effective internal communication tool?

Can Snapchat be an effective internal communication tool?

March 30, 2015

Photo-sharing app Snapchat is maturing – as companies begin to wake up to its potential.

Forget the selfies and smut that spring to mind when the app is mentioned. Canny comms professionals are already utilising the image-led social app with remarkable results.

But can this success be replicated within organisations to communicate more effectively to staff?

Doubt fills my mind as I ponder the headline question.

Too much trouble, appealing to too few of the audience, too little impact – concerns wash over me like a strong tide.

However two words stand out – a bright spot in a somewhat negative mindset.

Targeted communication.

As internal communication continues to evolve in 2015, channels and choice are more fundamental than ever.

As we move away from the traditional one-size-fits-all comms approach to personalised communication, our channels need to hit the required mark more than ever.

Millennials are already at home using the image-led content system – a fact reflected by the staggering 700 million messages sent on the app every day in 2014.

That familiarity alongside the pivotal need for communication to adapt to meet audience demand for more image-led content puts Snapchat in a solid position.

It allows messaging to be delivered in an informal and visual manner – offering crucial diversity in a communication approach.

Can Snapchat fit into a successful comms mix though?

Its own evolution suggests it is far from being a one-trick pony.

Indeed this interesting article from HR Trend Institute highlights the need for internal comms professionals to move away from sterile top-down messaging towards a more vibrant and engaging mixture of content.

Not only that, it points towards the rise of user generated content (UGC) and the decline of “professional” content.

Of course, a communication strategy needs both elements to be truly successful but there’s no reason why Snapchat can’t play an important part in providing two-way communication for colleagues.

Businesses are already sensing the potential of the app, as reported in this article by smallbiztrends.com.

Using the photo sharing platform to showcase new products and ‘humanise’ their firms to the audience are two of the strategies that Snapchat is already being deployed for.

Snapchat has the potential to have some impact the corporate world, that is clear.

The audience, as ever, drives demand and with greater diversity being a prerequisite for communicators in future years, Snapchat is a useful tool to have in the locker – despite its relatively small reach.