Key to social success? Launch a social intranet without telling anyone

How to successfully launch a social intranet

April 16, 2015


Launching a social network within an organisation is almost inevitably a big deal but is the razzamatazz the best way to introduce internal platform to colleagues?

Banking giant Deutsche Bank doesn’t think so. It launched its ESN with barely a whisper – an outside-the-box approach that has paid handsome dividends.

It is an intriguing situation.

Fanfare for the arrival of a long-awaited social network is understandable. Months of painstaking planning and elbow work go into successfully integrating a new comms platform into an organisation so celebrating the launch is a natural reaction.

But the German bank opted for a completely different tactic, allowing word of mouth among colleagues to organically announce the arrival of MyDB, its Jive-based social intranet.

The result? Within a year, 62 per cent of the bank’s workforce had signed up.

Today, that figure stands at a whopping 97 per cent.

Anne-Marie Imafidon, assistant vice president and enterprise collaboration strategist at DB, told the IoIC website is keen to stress the benefits of a soft launch.

She said: “A big bang is normally what we’re in the habit of doing in comms.

“With MyDB, we didn’t really tell anyone about it but with staff just discovering it and whispering to each other, we’ve got this far.”

Despite becoming established with the bank’s 100,000 workforce, the comms team continue to push people subtly towards the platform – an approach Anne-Marie describes as “nudging”.

She added: “We integrate it with other things and you nudge people to participate a little bit more, along the lines of ‘It’s great for you to search but how about you generate some content?’

“We encourage people to put as much material on as they can, we use phrases like ‘Work out loud’.

“It filled a communications gap. It’s become like a Google for work.”

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