How does your internal comms measure up?

Internal comms measurement - how do you approach it?

April 28, 2015

Is it the end of annual employee engagement surveys?

What other ways do you measure exactly how engaged your employees are?

There isn’t “a one size fits all” approach to evaluating the value of internal communications – and nowadays there are a huge range of ways that teams measure employee engagement.

Results from annual engagement surveys can quickly fall behind the times and employees often doubt that any action will be taken as a result of the survey.

However they often provide detailed information that can be easily benchmarked from previous years and against similar organisations.

Alternatively taking a more real-time, conversational approach to measurement on a much more frequent basis could establish more honest, timely and valuable information.

Jane Revell
Jane Revell

Measurement continues to be one of the biggest challenges for internal communications teams.

Recent research by the PR Academy highlighted measurement as one of the biggest skill gaps in communications teams.

I am delighted that, as internal communications continues to develop and become valued as a strategic management function, the focus on measurement has become much more prominent.

Measurement needs to happen on three levels.

1. Outputs – measuring the effectiveness of specific channels of communication, such as print or digital magazines, videos, blogs etc.

2. Outcomes – to understand the impact of campaigns and messages, getting feedback on attitudes, behaviours and preferences

3. Business results – reviewing business performance is essential to understand how internal communications contributes to the overall success of a company and to ensure all activity is aligned to overall business goals.

For me, the way to get measurement right is by being very clear from the outset about what you are trying to achieve and how you will know whether you have achieved it.

If specific objectives are in place from the start, measurement will be a breeze!

I would love to hear how you measure IC and to talk about new ways of gauging employee opinions. Do get in touch: jane.revell@headlines.uk.com