Blog: Is being pushy the secret to digital engagement?

Are push notifications key to IC app engagement?

May 28, 2015

Being pushy is not usually considered to be a positive thing.

But it is emerging as a somewhat canny way for IC professionals to boost engagement across internal digital channels.

Of course I don’t mean being overbearing to colleagues or relentlessly badgering them during lunch breaks.

Nope, it’s push notifications we’re considering – alert messages sent straight to an employee’s mobile or tablet.

Personally I tend to find notifications a necessary evil.

With dozens of apps installed on my smartphone, I check only a handful each day – the usual mixture of social, news and silliness – so notifications from less visited, but nonetheless important, apps are welcome.

Twitter in particular dominates my phone’s notification bar on a daily basis almost to the point of over-saturation. Is this such a positive?

Pesky perhaps but it still provides an insight into the Twittersphere without even having to open the app.

Put in that context, the benefits of strategic push notifications for internal employee apps are a little more obvious.

Internal comms apps fight a tough battle for people’s attention when using their own devices. So having a route to grab people’s attention – without relying on people to enter the app – is rather handy.

It was interesting to read about the benefits of notifications in this blog by Shawn Hewat, of smartphone technology firm Nudge Rewards.

He wrote: “Since the use of enterprise apps in the workplace is increasing, push notifications are becoming an important platform for internal communication. Using push notifications to update employees on information in real-time helps to maximize efficiency and productivity within the workday.

“Pairing the use of enterprise apps with strategic push notifications allows employees to focus their time on more important tasks and spend time on an app only when needed, as prompted by notifications.

“This avoids the need for opening apps to check for updates, which can save employees a lot of time.”

Shawn states apps that notify users with “reasonable” frequency rates tend to enjoy higher engagement rates.

He added: “Push notifications can be a powerful platform for communication and driving user engagement when users opt-in to receive them.

“If your company uses enterprise apps as a piece of your internal communications strategy, chances are that the information being pushed out will be considered essential.

“Users of enterprise apps are therefore highly encouraged to opt-in for receiving push notifications, as they are often the means of providing information that is essential to one’s workday.”

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