Marks and Spencer employee engagement secrets revealed

Marks and Spencer employee engagement secrets revealed

June 4, 2015

Marks and Spencer has revealed some of its employee engagement secrets – Yammer, employee of the month awards and… Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The clothing giant employs a mixture of IC platforms to reach its 75,000 colleagues in 800 stores across the UK.

With such a dispersed workforce, it is perhaps no surprise that Yammer – the popular Microsoft-owned enterprise social network – has been placed at the centre of the business’s internal comms strategy.

The retailer says, in February, its internal social channel saw:

* 15,000 staff using the network, a 15.7 per cent increase on the previous month
* 63,000 messages posted
* 18,000 pictures uploaded to the site.

Sarah Findlater, head of employee relations and employee engagement at M&S, told employeebenefits.co.uk website: “Teams often use Yammer to congratulate colleagues on great in-store displays and it links to the M&S Living the Values app, which workers can use to post messages to congratulate colleagues on their work, which can then be posted to live feed on Yammer.”

M&S is keen to highlight the success of its employee of the month award, designed to recognise colleagues living the organisation’s values of innovation and inspiration.

Nominations are submitted to line managers, with one being selected by each department every month. Winners receive no specific prize apart from recognition from peers via the business’s internal channels.

The high street icon is also focusing on staff performance incentives – even offering a visit from Transformers’ babe Huntington-Whiteley for one lucky store.

When the model launched her fragrance in February, M&S stores were promised a personal visit from the Hollywood actress – if their store sold the most bottles in the country. The approach saw huge engagement including colleagues sharing best practice tips on selling over social media.

Sarah added: “Celebrating the efforts of our employees is very important to us and recognition is one of the most important factors in inspiring our teams to keep up the good work.

“By introducing innovative recognition methods to our workplace we can now acknowledge any of our colleagues who are displaying great work and share this with the rest of the M&S team.”

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